Everything is interesting.

I am that girl who sees a butterfly headed toward her windshield and ducks.

I married my childhood love.  He is incredible and I am crazy about him.  I feel like the luckiest woman in the world.

I beat bullies with words.  Sometimes I yell.  Sorry, St. Francis.

I love art, beauty, and truth.

I celebrate genre diversity… as long as said genre contains art, beauty, and truth.  I acclaim the good, but try to avoid becoming a homogenized cultural product.

I wear secondhand blue jeans and lose things a lot.

I drink too much coffee.

I can laugh at myself.

Laughing is the best.

If you like to discuss movies don’t talk to me.  I’ve seen like 20.

I am {almost} a nice person.

I adore people.  I love having time to myself.  This is not a contradiction.  This is balance.

Jesus is my soul lover, saviour, hope, and joy giver.  He is all. I want to know Him more.

This blog is for poetry, musing, observations, and re-posting intriguing internet miscellany. It is part confessional and part soapbox.  Welcome.

Music:  www.thefluorescent.com

Photo 14


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