art and soul

"All art is an expression and extension of ourselves.  There may be no virtue more admired by those who understand themselves as artists than authenticity.  Art finds its deepest value when it is the authentic expression of a deep human experience.  Art becomes profound when it exposes us, explains us, or inspires us.  We have all experienced artistic expressions that somehow left us flat and unmoved.  We instinctively know when a film or a painting or a song is essentially soulless.  Yet there is something breathtaking about a work that is genuinely original and authentic to the artist. We may not always have the language to explain it, but somehow we know the difference between art and imitation.  And though we may be fooled from time to time, most of us quickly learn to distinguish between art and propaganda.  Art in its purest form is an extension of the soul.  This is exactly what life is supposed to be."  - Erwin McManus, The Artisan Soul

Currently reading.  Currently enjoying.  Thoughts?


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