Honor & Honesty

It is difficult to honor one another.  It is perhaps particularly difficult when we see faults, flaws, and blind-spots that another person possesses.  It is hard to say “God is at work” when the work is still in progress.  And yet, when God IS at work, we must honor that work in our brothers and sisters.  I have personality flaws.  I have pride.  I have been selfish.  God has used me.  It’s easy to point out everybody else’s problems, be generally sarcastic, and emphasize errors.  It’s hard sometimes to swallow our pride and honor people, especially people who frustrate us.  Nevertheless, we are called to honor people, because they are made in the image of God and He loves them.  He is at work.  Church, don’t be afraid to specifically honor what God is doing because you are afraid of what he has not yet done.  Honor is powerful, but requires humility.

If honor is hard, honesty is harder.  It’s easier to post something passive-aggressive on facebook, in hopes that an offending party might “catch the drift.”  It’s easier to let sin slide than to address it head on.  It’s easier to say, “I’m praying for them” than it is to get on your knees and pray for them.  It’s easier to avoid eye contact than to lovingly inform a person that their hateful attitude, adultery, abuse, or injustice is not acceptable and will not be tolerated.  It’s easier to compliment someone to their face and talk behind their back than to speak directly in their presence and avoid gossip.  Honesty has relational consequences, so we fear it.  Yet, faithful are the wounds of a friend.  (Prov. 27:6)

And how about honoring another person’s honesty with you?  Not. Easy.

In God’s family, we are called to honor and honesty.  One without the other is neither.


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