“Is the defining characteristic of my generation stupidity or cynicism?”

I may or may not have been reading youtube comments when that thought found me.  Of course, it’s dreadfully cynical* (judgmental, shortsighted, ironic, whatever) of my brain to only present those two options. Shameful, brain, shameful.

I really don’t believe that we’re all stupid and/or cynical and if we are, we’re not stupid and/or cynical all the time. I have mostly smart, hopeful days and I’m sure you do as well.

But when I find myself in critical cynic mode, I need to snap out of it. It’s a cop-out.  Absolutely no way to live.

If something is good, I ought to enjoy it and speak well of it.  Say why.

If something is wrong, malicious, oppressive, harmful, or sinful, I want to be brave enough to stand up against it.  Speak truth and justice with love.  Say why.

If I see something and think, “poorly done,” or “why on earth do people like that?” or “eh, kind of dumb,” then I should HAPPILY DO SOMETHING AWESOME AND SHOW THE WORLD A BETTER WAY…

or I should just shut up.

Because, in the end, if I have spent all my time pulling bricks out of other people’s walls and chipping at shoddy paint jobs and marking things up with big red X’s, I will have done nothing at all. Maybe worse than nothing.


*I’m using the following definition of cynical: bitterly or sneeringly distrustful, contemptuous, or pessimistic.


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  1. Good word… guilty and in need of change in this area as well. Thank you for your thoughts.

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