book list progress (sigh)

Hey hey!

Just blogging my 2011 book list progress.  My goal was to read 12 books this year.  I’m at 4… frightfully behind…so it’s time to pick up the pace.


1. Jane Eyre [by Charlotte Bronte] – A great read.  I love Jane.  Rochester is undoubtedly a creeper for most of the book, but I left the last page hopeful for their future together. I think he learned his lesson about keeping secret crazy wives locked up in towers.

2. The Four Loves [by C.S. Lewis] – Five stars.  I should probably read it again, actually.  Besides having deep insights into the nature of man and God, C.S. Lewis is ridiculously quotable.  Win.

3. Tribes [by Seth Godin] – Find your people.  Lead them.  You’re not meant to be everything to everybody.  A nice reminder and a pretty short read.  I’d recommend it to writers and those of an entrepreneurial bent.

4. Love Wins [by Rob Bell] – I don’t even know about this one, guys.  It didn’t make me angry. It also didn’t convince me of anything. I think he made some good points and God’s grace is certainly a lot bigger than anything we understand.  I just don’t want to assume that our human understanding of “love” is the same as God’s.  God has more grace, more justice, more wisdom, and he is the definition of love and holiness.  If Rob Bell is right – with whatever it is he said – I won’t be complaining. I’m just not sold on it. It’s a book to be discussed with an open Bible, not blogged.  Also, if you read it… realize that Bell’s a poet/storyteller.  He likes word pictures and questions more than he likes distinct statements.  Putting Rob Bell next to C.S. Lewis on the “Christian thought” shelf is like putting Meg Cabot next to Charles Dickens in literature.  An imperfect comparison… but something like that.

I’m picking the next 8 books from this list:

The Federalist Papers
The Invisible Hand [by Adam Smith] – there’s no way I’ll make it through Wealth of Nations this year!
Manalive – [by G.K.Chesterton]
Soul Survivor [by Philip Yancey]
The War of Art [by Steven Pressfield]
Erasing Hell [by Francis Chan]
Is God to Blame? [by Greg Boyd]
The Artist’s Way [by Julia Cameron]
Start Something that Matters [by Blake Mycoskie]
The Experience Economy [by B. Joseph Pine II & James Gilmore]
A Highly Entertaining Novel of Some Sort [by unknown]

I apologize for the boring list-y post, but I need to keep myself motivated.

Any suggestions for a Highly Entertaining Novel?



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  1. I like the way you phrased your thoughts on Rob Bell’s book. Probably one of the most intelligent responses I have seen to it yet.

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