[and so are photos]

I’ve somewhat neglected my poor little blog home lately, but I think I have good excuses.  Here are the last 4 months of my life… quick recap style with lots of photos:

1. In April I got engaged to my most favorite boy ever.  You can read our story here.

2. Started planning a completely DIY wedding with a 3 month deadline.   I am forever indebted to Mom, Dad, Mike, Pam, Thomas, Brianna, Lana, Jami, and a whole bunch of friends who made it possible.  If it was just Matt & I, we probably would have given up in a month and eloped… and I’m really glad we had a wedding. :) 

3. Directed a musical in June.  Thanks for the memories, Ekklesia friends. I love you. 

4. Got married July 4th!  Yes! (photos by Grace Cook, slideshow and song by Matt

5. Had a great honeymoon in the Dominican Republic/moved in with my lover for life/went back to work/am still sorting papers and boxes. 

life is kind of back-to-normal, but oh-so-different and very, very good.


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