Whereupon I learn to watch my language

Isn’t it something how little kids can make everything better in one conversation?  My 2 year old cousin was eating cheerios in the living room while I poured out some frustration to my  mother this morning.  Carter is something of a mimic and his vocabulary is expanding at an alarming rate.  

Me: It’s just stupid.

Carter: (to himself) It’s stupid.

(My mom and I exchange looks. She’s trying not to laugh, while I feel instant guilt for using such a harsh word in young Carter’s presence.  His parents are going to kill me).

Mom:  Maybe you should explain.

Me:  Uh… Carter… You know… stupid isn’t really a very nice word. I’m sorry I said that.  (no response)  I think I should say awesome instead.  You’re awesome, Carter.

Carter:  Noooo… YOU’RE awesome, Carolyn.

Me:  Aw… thanks, babe.

Carter:  You’re welcome, babe. 

My whole day is great now.



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  1. i love your cousin. i don’t even know him.

  2. Your blog is so cute! You are a great writer. I’ve always wished I was a good enough writer to do something like this. Love you! :)

  3. Haha! That’s sweet!

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