before coffee

I’m already absent-minded. 

When I don’t have coffee before noon, I’m REALLY absent minded.

This morning, I confused my facial cleanser and moisturizer (why does my face feel like a sticky flytrap?), went to the office but neglected to pick up the important papers I needed, failed to make a legal and safe right turn on red, then nearly made an illegal and unsafe left turn on red.  I probably would have, but I got distracted watching a woman in an orange sweatshirt who was pounding violently on the crosswalk button.  Maybe she had too much coffee this morning.

I paid more money for this cup of coffee in my hands than I did for my lunch. Oh vanilla latte, I hope you make my afternoon a little more mentally efficient than my morning was. 

addiction is a terrible thing, kids.



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  1. i love you.
    and coffee.
    and you with coffee. or without.

  2. lent is already blown. *shakes head*

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