Synonyms by thesaurus.com:

benightedness, bewilderment, blindness, callowness, crudeness, darkness, denseness,disregard, dumbness, empty-headedness, fog, half-knowledge, illiteracy, incapacity, incomprehension, innocence, inscience, insensitivity, lack of education, mental incapacity, naiveté, nescience, oblivion, obtuseness, philistinism, rawness, sciolism, shallowness, simplicity, unawareness, unconsciousness, uncouthness, unenlightenment, unfamiliarity, unscholarliness, vagueness.

Is ignorance the horror of wandering around with eyes tightly shut, bumping into people and things and sin and God and not knowing the difference?

Is it the confusion of walking through life with eyes wide open–seeing everything and thickly refusing to apply observed truth to life?  After all, if we don’t really know then we can’t be judged, right? If we don’t know then we don’t have to decide, or confront, or discuss, or change anything.

Yet we call ignorance bliss for a reason. 

My friend, what do I say to you once you have revealed your thoughts?  I fear my response will be honest. After our exchange, neither of us will be ignorant anymore and we don’t really want that, do we?  This vague duplicity is so comfortable. 

So unveil your life, your constantly morphing persona… but not in a personal way.  Be utterly real without ever looking into my eyes.  Display to everyone your hobbies, your hometown, your last vacation, your sarcastic humor, your spiritual struggles. I will view them from a distance,

grieving my gained knowledge and sudden lack of authentic curiosity.  

I am obliged also to open the blinds on my windows so you may view my cluttered living room.  You, of course, would never be so rude as to tell me what you really think of it.

Hi.  I see you. You see me.  We don’t know what to say so we pretend we didn’t notice how different we’ve become.  Ignore-ance.  So nice.



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  1. Hmmm. Those are really true thoughts. Thanks for sharing.

  2. This is really good, and unfortunately really true. We’re working to overcome this shallowness in our small groups and the Bible study at JCCC. To war with ignorance!

  3. I’m just gonna try and pretend I never read this…or…actually I don’t understand it, and I’m not going to try to….

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