Quotes from the day

 I love hanging out with my family.  

Dad: “Click on QuickBooks and let’s grab a cup of coffee.”  (QuickTrip)

Mom: “You need to take them out of the plastic to thaw.”  Me: “You mean…all the way naked?”  (I’d never make it in med school, clearly)

Brianna: “Why are they called Cornish Hens?” Me: “Because they originated in Cornwall, Massachusetts.”  Dad: “Because they eat corn?”  Me: “Because they were bred by General Cornwallis.” Thomas: “You are so full of it.”  (We’ve never been a turkey eating family).

Me: “I just don’t like thinking about eating anything that was ever alive.”  Dad: “Well, I’m surprised you’re still alive.  Rocks don’t have much nutritional value.”

Mom: “You’re wearing an apron!  How domestic of you! I should take a picture!” 

Me: “Truss? I don’t know how to truss these things.  I don’t even know what truss means.” *exit stage right* Grandma: “Where did Carolyn go?”  Thomas: “To look up cooking terms on dictionary.com.”  Grandma: *laughter* “I’ll go get some string.” 

Thomas: “Truss is actually an architectural term.” 

Brianna:  “Stop!  You’re salting it to a crisp!”

Thomas: (looking through black friday ads) “I’m thankful for all the Christmas presents I’m going to get.” 

Me: “Now it says to bust them.”  Mom: “Baste ”  Me:  “Yes. We need to baste the bird busts with butter.”  

Dad: “Is there only one pumpkin pie?”  Mom: “Yes.”  Dad: (three minutes later) “Oooh…. ice cream tastes pretty good on sweet potato casserole.”

These are probably not funny to anyone but me.  I just had to archive them.



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  1. Oh! You kept track of quotes! My cousins and I do that whenever we’re together for the holidays too. :D We haven’t gotten a whole lot good yet though.

    I hadn’t run into anyone else who did that. :)

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