So, I’m doing one of my comedic monologues for an arts benefit next Monday night.  I kind of forgot that they also want me to sing a few songs.  It’s a women’s event… based around my monologue “Five Inch Heels.”  Scary!  I’m actually really looking forward to it, but I have no idea what kind of songs go with this sort of event. 

Songs!  I need good songs to sing.  Lightweight topically, in my vocal range, as interesting as Regina Spektor without being as complex pitch-wise, and preferably simple enough that I can accompany myself on the piano.  ha. 

So far my options are:

  • “One of Those Days” or “Charmed Life” by Joy Williams
  • “Taylor the Latte Boy”-Kristen Chenoweth
  • “Fallin for You” – Colbie Caillat

Also, I have no chords as of yet for the above songs.  

Songs about shoes would be fun, but all I can think of are “Blue Suede Shoes,” “Walkin’ in Memphis” (which makes no sense for me to sing), and “These Boots were made for Walking.”  

Broadway miiight be fun.  Or just broadway style singers…maybe a song each from Kristin Chenoweth, Audra McDonald, and Idina Menzel?

My own songs are probably too melancholy (’cause that’s how I roll).  

Suggestions? Opinions on the above songs?  I appreciate all the help I can get from my massive blog readership (haha… I miss facebook). Help!  I have to e-mail my set today!



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  1. Have you checked out any Ingrid Michaelson? She has a lot of great stuff that you could do with piano/vocal. Good luck!

    You might try breakable?

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