something’s got to change

As I was mindlessly surfing internetland today (yahoo to twitter to blogs), I came across this video.  Ouch!  Even without facebook right now, I can still waste so much time online.  I love this clip, though.  Josh Harris has a way of preaching a really convicting message while managing to be hilarious about it.

Also, I listened to this song really closely today for the first time.   Josh Wilson is incredible.

Yeah… so… I think I’m closing this browser window right about now.


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  1. homesteademporium October 8, 2009 — 5:37 pm

    I totaly agree with Joshua Harris in that video. So many times I find myself on the computer WAY too much! So I’ve started tracking my time, only 1.5 hrs a day, and every few weeks, I take a week or two off from technology. Movies, TV, Compuer etc. And I use that time to Pray, read my Bible and grow spiritualy! It really helps keep my focus where it should be!

    Your sister in Christ

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