Things I thought…

…but didn’t say. Insert your own context as you wish…just know that each one is different. :)
“you are beautiful.”
“you are strong.”
“you are hilarious.”
“you are so talented.”
“you made my whole afternoon/day/week/life better just by being you.”
“you are valuable.”
“you are brave.”
“you’re cool. can we be friends?”
“i think i love you and it scares me.”
“i’m lonely.”
“i need to be alone right now”
“please ask me. please?”
“PLEASE! for heaven’s sake don’t ask!”
“it’s not you. it’s me.”
“it’s not me. it’s you.”
“if you try to get that close, i will inevitably hurt you. when it happens, please don’t take it personally.”
“i really do care about you.”
“i hate what happened to you.”
“i will listen if you will talk.”
“i’m afraid.”
“i’m insecure right now.”
“i am weak.”
“i need help.”
“can i help?”
“what happened? was it something i did/said?”
“i’m sorry. i was wrong.”
“can we just start over?”
Sometimes it’s just hard to say what you need to say. ha. ugh. (I hate accidentally quoting things). :)

Appropriate self expression is next to impossible. Sometimes I don’t even know what I mean or how I feel about things! Does anyone else identify with that frustration?

It makes me all the more grateful for the One who understands my heart even when I do not and forgives my clumsy attempts at expression or concealment.



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  1. Oi, and lol. I can definitely say it has been one of those weeks.

  2. Yes! feel that frustration alot!

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