The season is upon us once again

Oh, it’s December now and you’ll see them everywhere…
young men and women propping their eyelids open with their fingers,
one earbud dangling
and one jammed securely in the appropriate cranial cavity.
They droop over stacks of books and jumbled notes.
They stare bleary-eyed into glowing computer screens
at all hours of the day and night.
They pray hasty prayers of repentance for time wasted
and beg silently for mercy in the eleventh hour.
Some wander the halls restlessly, clutching Red Bull cans
or Starbucks cups as life preservers.
Some sip overpriced chai lattes and try to remember summer
or imagine heaven…
for just a moment…
before their eyes cross and they start to nod into the pages.

Finals are here. Joy to the world. :)


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  1. barefootelegance December 5, 2008 — 2:23 pm


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