Crimes of compassion

Um… so I learned a lesson tonight.

Ever since I was a little kid I’ve had a soft spot in my heart for stray animals. I see one wandering a busy area and I just have to stop and see if it needs help. Yeah, I know… not always smart. I adopted lots of creatures when I was little (3 cats-one that had 7 kittens in our garage, little birds that fell out of their nests, a “rescued” mouse or two which my parents made me let go, etc).

My last attempt was somewhat of a failure. A couple of months ago I took home a kitten I found eating out of a pizza box in the middle of the road. Unfortunately, it just ran off again and was promptly run over (not the smartest kitten I’ve ever seen).

Well, tonight I was leaving the Home Depot parking lot just after closing time when I saw a stray cat dart behind a piece of heavy equipment (Caterpillar) at Best Buy. So, I pulled into the Best Buy parking lot, got out, and went closer to the building to have a look. I must have looked really menacing in my little white heels (eeek…5’5″) because the security guard standing just inside the glass doors gave me some really funny looks. The cat had already vanished, so I turned around, got back in my vehicle and left the parking lot. As we pulled out, two squad cars quietly pulled on to the road. My brother joked around, “Yeah, they’re coming after you Carolyn. You totally freaked that security guard out.” I laughed as I pulled out onto the road…. until I saw flashing lights behind me.

Yup, you got it. They’ve been having a lot of thefts lately at Best Buy.

That cat probably went home and curled up next to a fireplace somewhere while we sat there for 15 minutes while the very nice cop ran background checks on us. “So… what were you doing?” “Um… looking for a cat.” “Oh, you lost your cat?” “No… I just… pick up…strays sometimes?” “Oh, I see.”

So, he explained to us that Best Buy had been having thefts and we looked suspicious since the building was closed. Routine background checks, you understand. “Yes, officer… I totally understand.” (yes… if some lady pulled up to my building, walked up to my mailbox and turned around and left I would totally call the cops.)

He said it’s pretty clear we weren’t criminals… or if we were criminals we sure had a good cover going (ha…you know it) and that he hopes this doesn’t discourage me from looking for stray cats in the future.

Uh… welllll…only at electronics stores after hours.

here, kitty, kitty, kitty.


I am exceedingly diverted.


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