Choices, choices

It isn’t hard to choose between good and bad.   Many times, it isn’t even so difficult to choose the lesser evil.  What absolutely cripples me is having to choose between good things…better and best…good and great.   I like to leave my options open, but that means I just stand around staring at the open doors, waiting for one or two of them to shut on their own and narrow my options.  If I don’t choose, that is also a choice.

This sounds so whiny. :)  How many people in the world are destined to lay bricks every day from age 4 to 80?  Why am I complaining about having options?  Pathetic.

I dare myself to move.  Watch out.  The least expected choice is sometimes the right one.



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  1. choices and time and how they work together are the most powerful and uncomprehensible things in the universe.

    good post.

  2. …the most powerful things in our hands that is…

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