satyr vs. seder

Professors should stick to their area of expertise and realize that it’s ok to say “I don’t know” when asked certain questions.

Today, a theater prof. told us that the Jewish “Seder” is borrowed from the Greek “satyr.” He also threw in something like “most religions just borrowed from Greek stuff.”

Um… just because it has similar pronunciation doesn’t mean that it is remotely similar.

The only thing Judaism ever mentions remotely similar to the Greek satyr (half man, half goat creatures) is in reference to demons!  yeah.

argh!  I’ll read Greek tragedies.  I’ll believe whatever you tell me about the structures of amphitheaters, but don’t try to tell me that a Dionysian mythological creature is the basis for a celebration born out of the Hebrew Exodus.  Lucky for him, most people don’t know what a Seder is.



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  1. Well, I am currently enjoying a professor who doesn’t teach the subject he’s supposed to as well. Out of the 12 + hours I’ve spent in Organic Chem lecture thus far, I have taken 1/2 a page of notes! The other day, he spent 20 minutes talking about gravity, and then said, “But this really has nothing to do with what we’re studying.” (which is entirely true, so we did he waste our 20 minutes?) It’s tragic. And by the way, O-chem is hard to learn without a teacher, in case you were wondering. :-)

  2. Oh! I did not know about this place — this blog-place — until now. :)

    Professors or anyone else in the world who says something must be taken seriously and sanctimoniously — as long as what he says blasphemes. It is a rule of this world — one of many similar rules — of this world of which Satan (Paul tells us) is god.

  3. It is amazing how many people don’t know what a seder is….but then again most people miss the point of communion as well.

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