navy blue sky

I saw a shooting star last night.

Nobody else was home, so I just leaned on the car hood and watched the sky.  It was amazing.  What a beautiful night.

And then two cats started fighting in the yard next door.

The moral of the story is that wishes come true, but always within the context of reality. ;-)


it was a good day.


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  1. Let me just say that:
    1. I get really excited whenever I see that you’ve written a new post because I love reading them!
    2. Shooting stars are one of my favorite wonders in the world! I saw my first last summer…and it’s even included in my facebook profile. I’m rejoicing with you that you got to experience that lastnight!
    3.Today at lunch we were talking about the appropriate amount of eye contact in conversation…and I was reminded of our discussion about how we both share about the same amount of eye contact time…we converse well together. (ha! Do we ever!!)
    4. Don’t forget to set up a JCCC lunch date with me!!
    5. Hope you enjoy this gorgeous day as well.
    6. I’m very thankful for you.
    7. I’m going to end my list here. :-)

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