fate… or the lack thereof

Sometimes the things that are meant to be don’t happen. Sometimes the things that aren’t meant to happen do. Every choice we make affects our future options. (ya, I’m not a Calvinist, obviously. ;)

Every door we close or open actually closes or opens a hundred other doors.

No word spoken can ever be taken back. No moment can ever be relived the “right” way.

The mistakes we make can never be corrected.

Do I sound depressed? Emo? :) I’m not actually. Just waxing philosophical.

The mistakes we make can never be corrected, but they can be redeemed.

We only control our next decision. We can’t ultimately control our destinies… not as long as other people are making free choices just like we are.

Every decision. Yes to this. No to that.

  • to building walls.
  • to breaking them down.
  • to forgiveness.
  • to holding a grudge.

God has a plan. He says, “walk in it.” We can say “no.” We can break His heart.

How does He love me so much when I break His heart?

God is sovereign. God is just. God is love.

He redeems. He gives. He restores.
…a crown of beauty instead of ashes, the oil of gladness instead of mourning, and a garment of praise instead of a spirit of despair. – Isaiah 61:3


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  1. cool blog…I’ll have to keep tabs on this.

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