John Adams, part 2

Yay! 2 comments (Robby on facebook and Mary on HSA).

Mmkay, here are my thoughts: In essence, I believe John Adams is saying that the work of the fathers builds a foundation for the children to go farther. This is a great thing and quite true. And it’s also true that a nation with freedom and wealth can afford to explore the arts, while oppressed nations must always focus on simply meeting basic needs. As someone with an ENORMOUS appreciation for the arts, I’m grateful for the wise foundation that was laid by our founding fathers. It allows most of us in the U.S. to live in relative prosperity and have these opportunities.

Now, as to what this quote lacks. If the children and grandchildren lose sight of the foundation of their freedoms and privileges, they will often take them for granted and/or abuse these privileges. In other words, just because I have the right and opportunity to study porcelain and tapestry, it doesn’t mean I can afford to ignore the study of politics, commerce, agriculture, etc. The more distance we put between ourselves and the roots of our freedom, the more likely we are to lose that freedom. The other thing that is lacking is the concept of service. From a Biblical and not just political perspective, the more wealth/privilege/opportunity a person has, the more responsible he or she is to help others.

From everyone who has been given much, much will be demanded; and from the one who has been entrusted with much, much more will be asked. – Luke 12:48

Just some thoughts. What say you?


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